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101 KIDS is a high energy, Christ-centered ministry that teaches kids how to live for God everyday.  101 Kids is led by Pastors Matt & Nina Goss, power-packed leaders who enjoy teaching all of their kids and your kids about God.  They have put together an impressive team of adults couples that assist her every Sunday morning & Wednesday evening in making your child’s experience the best!  Your child will encounter Jesus in a tangible way through one on one time with their small group leaders and then through whole group worship and the main lesson.  At 101 KIDS, your child simply won’t have time to be bored, unless they don’t like having the time of their lives!  You can easily stay in the loop with what your child is learning by visiting www.studio252.tv.  You can even download an app to your smart phone or tablet that gives you the highlights of that day’s lesson and even some conversation starters.  Even if your family or your child has to miss a Sunday, this website can keep your kids connected through Studio 252 Live!  Don’t have a smart phone or computer?  Don’t worry, Pastors Matt & Nina welcome any questions or comments that you may have.  Come let your child PLUG IN AND POWER UP!

K. N. O. W. …Kids Night Out Wednesdays! Is every Wednesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm meeting in at Van Wert gym! This will be a weekly Life Group for our 101 ELEMENTARY kids…a time of fun, food (yes, we mean dinner), and fellowship led by Pastors Matt and Nina! Your kids will not want to miss this fun time, so make sure you plan to have them join us!




Quarterly Birthday Party Slide

Pastors Matt and Nina are bringing back the quarterly birthday parties! 101 Kids is going to help your child blow out their candles will all their friends from 101 Kids! The birthday parties will take place every 3 months! All of 101 Kids is invited, so make sure your child doesn’t miss these awesome parties!


Second Sunday Slide

Don’t forget about Second Sunday for our 3rd-5th graders called!  The Second Sunday of every month these students will be able to hang out, eat snacks, and do fun crafts!  This will be a fun time for your children to grow closer to each other and God, and something they will NOT want to miss! Keep checking back, the exact time will be announced soon, so stay tuned for more details as time gets closer.